Virtual Reality expeditions with your pal anytime, anywhere

Supports Google Cardboard, Samsung Gearvr and View-Master

We are here to teleport you!.

Whom do you wanna travel with?.

Where do you wanna go?.

Pick a best pal.

Pick an expedition for the day.

Pickup the call.

Be immersive and forget real world.

I see what you did there :).Go ahead!

Visit again tomorrow sametime!

Teleport Call

About us

Teleport Call is made by team of passionate engineers from GazeMatic team. We are here to make the best effort out of Virtual Reality for our users/videographers and also advertisers. We are committed to working towards bringing best experience to our users. Virtually teleport yourself when you are on call with your pal. We are creating first of its kind Virtual Reality experience by taking you on different expeditions on everyday when you are on a call. One simple statement about the business is, it is completely free for the end users. This is the best platform to monetize your contents and best platform to advertise in 360 degrees.

Karthik, Sharavana, Senthil, Mohan & Saroj.

We won’t sell your info but we may send you stupid e-mails sometimes. With gifs.